Rumah Biru Daycare is a bilingual early learning center where baby, toddler and pre-schooler are invited to come, play and socialize. Our staffs are very professional and experienced in caring for early childhood. We believe that a peaceful and happy place is created trough a loving and caring atmosphere.

Our place is a very comfortable, quiet and homey place, monitored by CCTV on every room which can be accessed from your smartphone. And we applied Covid-19 Protocol for our staffs and members, because safety is our main priority.

It is not just a place to be supervised, it is a place to learn and socialize, too.

  1. Jalan Kemang Selatan II Komplek Kiray No. 34, Bangka, Jakarta Selatan (📍Gmaps )
  2. Jalan Tebet Timur Dalam VI E No. 32, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan (📍Gmaps )
  3. Jalan O Kavling No. 18, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan (📍Gmaps )